Take Advantage of Time Pressure

thumb22Using too much time during a game is major problem for many players at all levels (just ask Ivanchuk). The clock is an important factor in the game. Just like material or positional advantages, having more time than your opponent can give you a win – even if the position is balanced!

As Alekhine once said: “The fact that a player is very short of time is, to my mind, as little to be considered as an excuse as, for instance, the statement of the law-breaker that he was drunk at the moment he committed the crime.”

If you want to perform well in time trouble (both yours and your opponent’s), check out the pro tips I am going to share with you in this lecture.

Let me teach you how to punish your opponent for spending too much time thinking. After all, if you reach a balanced position using way less time, you surely want to take advantage of this!

Major lessons:

> How to play when your opponent is in time pressure. Sometimes, you don’t have to play the best move, just the move that gives your opponent more opportunities to go wrong. Valeri’s tips will show you how to conjure up complications at will!

> How to play when you are in time pressure. We’re all vulnerable to time pressure, so learning what to do when the flag is ready to fall is essential!

> See how Magnus Carlsen capitalized on Caruana’s time pressure – learn how to improve your practical results from the top players!

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