Chess Coaching

  • is the official website of International Master Valeri Lilov, also known as "Tiger Lilov."
  • On this website, you can have your chess skills profoundly analyzed and assessed, based on a number of factors, including your recent games, chess background, personal characteristics, and style of play.
  • Upon the purchase of one private online lesson, you are entitled to receive a free special personalized chess training program, which will outline the topics that you most need to study, as well as the training methods and materials, which will deliver greatest results in terms of improvement over a short period of time.
  • Tiger Lilov’s online course also includes free thematic homework assignments, which are given upon the completion of each chess lesson on a given topic and helps students measure to what degree they have understood the material. Though optional, the homework assignments are a great way for IM Valeri Lilov to keep track of his students’ improvement and provide them with the opportunity to test their new knowledge and skills as they progress further!
  • The Tiger’s lessons are indeed the best personalized chess training on the internet! With his innovative approach and originality, IM Valeri Lilov has crafted a fool-proof system for coaching chess players of various levels effectively, which made him one of the top chess trainers online!

To read IM Valeri Lilov’s personal reflections on his long career as a chess coach and learn more about his effective approach to training students, keep reading:


A Personalized Approach to Training...

I offer a number of services that my students use to boast their chess training and improve their general playing strength. For each of my new students, I prepare a free personalized chess training program which serves as the main guide for me on how and what to teach this student at any given point, so that s/he improves visibly and steadily over the course of our training. This personalized training program is based on my student’s chess background, sample games, strengths and weaknesses, as well as style and level of play, chess psychology, and learning preferences among many others. When new students enrol to take online lessons with me, I first collect and analyze all the information and sample games they submit via e-mail before I build their personalized training programs and make important decisions on the course of study we are to take, so that we can observe the best results and highest performance over the board.


There IS such thing as free training...

While my students work on their personalized training programs with me, they are entitled and often swarmed with a number of free services and complementary training materials I am always happy to provide for free. Being quite ambitious myself, I believe in achieving the desired results rather than performing my job alone. When I teach a student that aspires to improve and does so much to achieve their dream of becoming a master, I want to help them get closer to their goal faster. Here are some of the services I do for free every day:

  • Free Personalized Chess Training Programs for anyone interested in training with me.
  • Free Opening Repertoire Screenings.
  • Free Recent Games Reviews and Analyses via e-mail.
  • Free Thematic Homework Assignments after every lesson.
  • Free Bonus Lectures and Training Videos sent by request or whenever I believe a student needs to work more on a given area.
  • Free 24/7 Online Support (Skype, E-mail, & for anyone having questions on their chess training and practice, upcoming tournaments and tough matches, recent games and training exercises, or anything chess-related that I can help my students with.
  • Free Complementary Training Materials to each of my regular students depending on their training program needs and objectives.


Training Focused on Problem Areas...

I am happy to provide training to anyone based on their problem areas in chess. Here is only a short list of the most common topics I cover with my students:

  • Building (or Improving) a Complete Opening Repertoire for White and Black based on Student’s Personal Style of Play and Strengths and Weaknesses.
  • Creating an Opening Outline for Smooth Piece Development in Unfamiliar Openings.
  • Improving Planning and Evaluation Skills for Better Middlegame Play.
  • Mastering Piece Coordination Allowing our Pieces to Interact Successfully and Support our Plan.
  • Understanding Middlegame Strategy and Developing a Positional "Sense".
  • Preparing and Leading a Successful Attack.
  • Using Prophylaxis and Prevention of Opponent’s Plans and Threats.
  • Rediscovering Defense as a Powerful Tool for Saving Hopeless Games.
  • Improving Tactical Vision and Calculation Ability.
  • Boasting Positional Play and Developing the Right Habits for Quiet Positions.
  • Understanding Theoretical and Practical Endgames.
  • Correctly Prioritizing Important Chess Principles during a Practical Chess Game.