Step-by-Step Guide to Your First Lesson

Here’s all you need to do before you can have your first lesson with IM Valeri Lilov:

  1. Register as a student by filling out the official student registration form. Following your successful registration, you will receive an e-mail from IM Valeri Lilov, providing you with more information on how he is going to handle your case and work to improve your chess using various effective training methods. At this point, you may be asked to answer some additional questions to help him learn more about your chess background, learning preferences, and other relevant information about you as a chess player.
  2. Submit 8–10 of your recently played games from chess tournaments, chess club, or the internet chess servers. Give preference to games played at longer time controls and make sure you include both wins and losses, since each of them contains specific information on the major strengths and weaknesses of your current style of play that the other cannot display. You can attach your games to your student registration form and/or submit them via e-mail to
  3. Visit the Services & Fees Page and purchase credit for online training. If you are not certain what service you need after reading their descriptions, write us with your questions at .
  4. Use the online schedule to reserve a convenient date and time for your first lesson with IM Valeri Lilov and he will e-mail you to confirm and clarify any questions you may have prior to your training session!

We are looking forward to helping you improve your chess!