The Most Exciting Draw of all Time!

thumb22When many chess fans think of a draw, they often think of a boring, symmetrical game or one of those 8 move “GM draws” when the world’s best just can’t be bothered to play. But, sometimes, a draw is the correct result for a battle brilliantly fought by both sides!

The will to win is the key requisite for playing a good game. Fight for the full point and you will be rewarded… unless your opponent does the same!

In any case, do you know how to extract all the juice from a position so as to increase your winning opportunities?

This week, I am going to show you how to force the position and give your opponent serious headaches. Make it harder for your opponents to play against you by setting them a lot of problems right from the opening!


> How to create chaos, without losing control! This may seem paradoxical but the trick is to let your opponent confuse himself… use the power of psychology to get the advantage!

> How to defend yourself against the most dangerous attacks! The game isn’t over until your enemy mates you. Learn how to use his tactical weaknesses to launch a powerful counterattack!

> The rook sacrifice that left Morozevich with a terrifying attack against the enemy king – the kind of sacrifice you will be eager to play in every game!

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