Mind-Bending Exchange Sacrifices

thumb22This week, I am going to present a chess webinar dedicated to the classic theme of the exchange sacrifice, one of the most powerful positional weapons at your disposal – if you know when and how to play it! Forget the standard values for the pieces! The Exchange Sac is all about changing perceptions.

Like: Mind-bending imbalances, temporary advantages, and the ability to see when knights and bishops can dominate rooks, no matter what conventional wisdom might say!

I will explain how to use Exchange Sacs to:

- Create Sparkling Kingside Attacks
- Utilize brilliant Defensive Dark-Square Strategy
- Make Positional Offers That Can’t Be Refused, and
- Exploit Dominating Central Knights.

Some of what to expect:
• Watch how the legendary Paul Keres demolishes the enemy kingside, via the removal of a key defending piece;
• Learn from Ulf Andersson’s masterly defensive sacrifice, as he keeps Garry Kasparov at bay with superb dark-square domination;
• See how Mikhail Botvinnik turns a negative into a positive with the sensational …Rd4! ‘hanging’ positional exchange sac, transforming his crippled pawn structure to control the play; and
• Be wowed by Garry Kasparov’s far-sighted sac against Beliavsky as he grabs the initiative to demonstrate how a centralized knight can leave a rook helpless.

If you want to add a powerful, game-winning strategy to your skillset, make sure you join the weekly free training at https://www.youtube.com/tigerlilov !