Mastering the Art of Defense!

thumb22A common mistake among club players is to focus only on winning more games. The fact is, eliminating losses will help your rating just as much AND save you a ton of stress and disappointment! So how do you avoid those painful defeats? How do you become unbeatable?

I am going to reveal some of the secrets of the art of defense by analyzing the games of some of the games’ greatest defenders including world champions Jose Raul Capablanca, Bobby Fischer and, of course, Tigran Petrosian.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn:
• How to break out of a passive position and neutralize your opponent’s control of a file – as demonstrated by Fischer on his way to a 6-0 win over GM Mark Taimanov.
• When to play a positional exchange sacrifice to snuff out your rival’s initiative (when they realize their advantage has gone, they usually get reckless, overreach and collapse!)
• How to use your enemy’s open lines to your advantage.
• Why tactics are just as useful in defense as attack.

If you’ve lost games where you know there was a good defense but just couldn’t find it at the board, make sure you join me this Saturday to make this a thing of the past. Learning the art of defense can mean you get 2 points from 3 games you’d previously have lost.

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