Kasparov's Masterclass!

thumb22It's one of the best bits of advice in chess improvement: if you want to learn some powerful winning ideas, study the games of the masters! It's a massive shortcut as, while GMs analyze positions for days and weeks, working out what works and what doesn't, we get to see the idea and its effectiveness immediately!

In my new lecture, I am going to reveal the powerful ideas behind some instructive games played by the giants of chess, starting with a classic from Garry Kasparov!

Here is some of what you will learn:
• How to counter-attack in the Sicilian Defense. Judit Polgar was facing a terrifying kingside attack, with pieces lining up along both the h-file and a1-h8 diagonal... and yet she managed to completely turn the game on its head with a couple of surprising, forcing moves and ends up checkmating her opponent a few moves later!
• Boris Spassky's stunning demolition of Jan Timman's Grunfeld. Move pieces to the kingside, sac a bishop to open the position, carefully chase and restrict the enemy king then sac your queen to gain a crucial, game-winning tempo!
• Garry Kasparov's relentless positional squeeze against Tigran Petrosian. Petrosian was a very tough nut to crack but a young Garry Kasparov was tasked with doing exactly that. Did he unleash a ton of uber-aggressive moves and sacrifices? No. Boris Spassky had advised against this as it brought out the best in Petrosian, a truly world-class defender. Instead, Kasparov produced a masterclass of powerful positional play - seemingly simple moves that forced Tigran to resign after just 27 moves!

Add these brilliant, game-winning concepts to your chess with my free training!