How to Save Bad Positions

thumb22Regardless of style or level of play, we all get bad positions from time to time – it’s inevitable. The difference between masters and club players is that the latter buckle under the pressure and simply fall apart in a few moves. Of course, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Ever wonder how great defensive players like Capablanca survive even the seemingly most desperate positions?

Discover the secrets of great defense in this week’s free webinar with IM Valeri Lilov!

Learn how to tell when it’s right to absorb the pressure with passive play; when to ignore your opponent’s threats and focus on a counter-attack and when to balance the two! Plus, Valeri will cover how to take advantage of psychological factors to turn a worse (or even lost) position into a half or full point!

You’re going to learn:

1) Capablanca’s 2 step method for defending an inferior ending – simply being aware of this strategy will allow you to salvage a draw without even having to calculate!

2) How to pin-point the weak spots in your opponent’s position so you can unleash a scary counter-attack that will confuse and disorient them – putting them on the back foot and making them easy to defeat.

3) How to choose between passive or active defense – the essential beginning of any successful defense. Too many savable games are lost because the player misjudged this critical decision.