How to Improve your Calculation

thumb22This week, I am going to reveal my method for calculating variations, choosing strong candidate moves and seeing further than your opponents. Calculation is an area where 99% of club players are really struggling. By this I mean: the #1 reason for blunders at all levels below 2300 is that the player.

1. Calculated a short sequence of moves
2. Missed a detail
3. The “detail” (an in-between move, a pinned piece, etc) cost him the game – the problem is simply calculation!

You’re going to learn:

• “Lilov’s Calculation Checklist” that simplifies the calculation process for you. The result: Deeper, more accurate calculation (just mentally “tick the boxes” and you’ll see more and avoid blunders)
• Learn which type of position requires calculation and which can be won purely by intuition (this confusion is a big source of time trouble for most players and will result in more time on your clock and more pressure on opponents!)
• Discover IM Lilov’s unique method for evaluating candidate moves and choosing sharp, slightly tricky but solid moves that maximize your winning chances.

If you really want to improve your calculation skills, to spot game-winning tactics and avoid those painful blunders, make sure you join me for this webinar.