Evaluate Chess Positions Immediately!

thumb22Do you ever watch live broadcasts or live blitz session? Do you wonder how the GMs evaluate positions in the blink of the eye? They're not magicians with secret powers! They know how to quickly read a position and find the most important factors - the plan flows from there.

Now how would your chess results improve if you could work out what's going on with just a glance? If you knew who was better in that crazy, sharp variation you're analyzing?

In Saturday's live training, I am going to show you an effective method to evaluate any position!

Learn to understand what is happening in the chessboard. Knowing which pieces are active and which are passive and what the important weaknesses in the position are (to exploit and to defend) is the first and most important step in creating a winning plan.

When you know what needs doing, it makes winning much easier!

1) What your pawn structure is telling you to do - you don't need to create crazy plans to win a game, you just have to "listen" to your pawns.
2) How to find your less active pieces and improve them to give the decisive blow! With ALL your pieces joining the action, your opponent will be completely helpless.
3) The secret power of the pieces - You still think that a rook is always better than a bishop? I am going to tell you the truth!