Chess Lessons from GM Seirawan!

thumb22World Junior Champion, 4 times US Champion and a FIDE Senior Trainer, GM Yasser Seirawan is a US chess legend. Famed for his expert commentary on top events, Yasser is well respected for his ability to explain complex ideas in a way people just get. And his games are just as instructive.

Now, I am going to showcase some of GM Yasser Seirawan’s best chess lessons, using Yasser’s own games! Get ready to enrich your chess knowledge with some fantastic wins over some of the greatest players of all-time.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn:
• How Yasser Seirawan used pressure on an isolated pawn to distract Anatoly Karpov from his real plan… checkmate!
• Seirawan’s incredible knight and pawn attack against the King’s Indian Defense which he used to crush Vassily Ivanchuk in just 22 moves!
• How to channel your inner Paul Morphy with spectacular sacrificial wins – as demonstrated by Seirawan against Jan Timman.
• The simple truth about rook endings which Yasser used to beat none other than Garry Kasparov!

What’s great about Yasser Seirawan’s games is his logical approach to solving the problems on the board, whether attacking, maneuvering or looking for the right endgame plan. With my breakdown of Yasser’s thinking you’ll pick up tons of new ideas to use in your own games – plus get to enjoy some phenomenal games!

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