The Battle of Strategy vs. Tactics!

thumb22One of the biggest obstacles to mastering chess is learning how to combine all the different elements at once. We see a way to win a pawn but our opponent will gain activity. Or we want to keep our pawn structure intact but doing so will invite an attack. What can we learn from the very best players about this?

I am going to examine some of the most instructive games featuring this clash of styles – the result will help you make the right choices at the critical moments in your own games.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn:
• How GM Gashimov crushed World Championship challenger Boris Gelfand in just 16 moves by exploiting a hidden weakness in the Petroff Defense.
• What Kramnik had seen that made him willing to double his pawns, give up the Bishop pair and commit further positional “sins” against Levon Aronian – one of the most important strategic ideas you’ll see.
• How Sergey Karjakin combined positional play with tactics to force the great Vassily Ivanchuk to resign after just 22 moves.
• How to increase your piece activity by tactical means, resulting in an unstoppable attacking force!

Not only will you get to see exciting games explained in detail but you’ll also be taking away a ton of practical positional and attacking strategies to use in your own games.

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