Romantic Chess – Win with Gambits!

thumb22If you love playing aggressive chess but find it hard to get attacking positions from your current openings, then it’s time to introduce gambits into your repertoire. In my new lecture, I am going to show you how to play some of the scariest-to-face gambits properly, with power and precision.

In the days of legendary attackers Paul Morphy and Adolf Anderssen, romantic chess and gambits were the norm. If one player didn’t offer a pawn for development – and if his opponent didn’t accept the sacrifice – it was considered cowardly!

As well as being massively fun to play, gambits help refine your attacking instincts, calculation and judgment of material/position balance. And you’ll find most club players have only a superficial knowledge of them, making it easy to catch your opponents out.

This free webinar will give you a ton of new opening weapons, open your eyes to some crazy creative possibilities and be very entertaining!

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