How to Play Chess Openings!

thumb22As any competitive player knows, getting the opening right is essential if you want to be successful. While the goal may be to reach “a playable middlegame position”, achieving that goal requires a solid understanding of the ideas behind the chess openings.

In my newest lecture , I am going to show you how to play the chess openings properly by revealing some of the hidden strategies behind the major openings. If you want to home in on the right plan, take control of the game and push for victory, this free training will give you a big helping hand.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn:

• How to take French Defense players out of their comfort zone early on with an easy to learn attack!
• Two ways of getting the advantage against the Sicilian: one through central domination and the other with a deadly Kingside attack!
• Why timing is so important in the King’s Indian Defense and how to deal with the popular Saemisch variation (f3).
• IM Lilov’s dangerous gambit recommendation against solid 1.d4 players – excellent for picking up points as Black!

This webinar will give you deep insight into what’s really going on in the openings you’re most likely to face. Once you know the underlying strategy, it’s much easier to find the strongest moves and get a good position. Plus, you’ll save a lot of time in the opening!

If you’re serious about getting better at chess but don’t have much time to spend on study, our weekly webinars will give you the best return for your time. Real insights, real improvement, every week. And they’re free!