Tiger Lilov's Training Simul

FM Valeri Lilov with a new challenge for you! The Tiger Lilov's Training Simul is held every Saturday on PlayChess.com at 20:00 German/Server time. The maximum number of players that will be allowed to take part in the simul will be 15, so be there at 20:00 sharp and register first!

The event will start promptly at 20:05 and will give you the chance to beat the famous coach and FIDE Master in a one-time battle between the knowledge and the chance. Prove your abilities and give the master some hard time! He will thank you afterwards by analyzing the most interesting games from the simul and provide you with valuable advice. Here comes the time for our surprise! As you may have already noticed, with FM Valeri Lilov, you CAN’T get away without the coaching! The second part of the event will start right after the ten-minute break following the simul and will last 50 minutes for a total of two hours of real chess experience. FM Lilov will provide you with a quality analysis of 2 to 5 of the games having the greatest theoretical and practical significance. He will point out the critical mistakes that were made and the principles that were broken during these games. Participants will have the chance to learn much for their own weaknesses without the need of taking a lesson. Similar to the preparation of his famous free personalized training program for students he coaches, FM Valeri Lilov will give you directions of how you can proceed and correct your most obvious weaknesses in play and this only in one event! You can’t miss this, so be there on Saturday, 20:00h and take the challenge. What if you really want to beat the FM?! Hmm, first make it out of the opening!