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Wish you could stand a chance against a Chess Expert? ... a FIDE Master?  ... an International Master? If so, you've come to the right place! Visit the Chess Training Page to learn more about my famous personalized chess training program that has helped many achieve what they really wanted in chess!"


Check our new flexible method of teaching that allows each of our students to receive the most important skills they need for the moment to excel in tournaments and casual games, while correctly improving their chess. We believe chess is a good way for anyone to strengthen their character, learn how to make important decisions for limited time, or just have a lot of fun. We welcome you to be our student!

free_training We prepare a free personalized chess training program which serves as the main guide for us on how and what to teach this student at any given point, so that s/he improves visibly and steadily over the course of our training. This personalized training program is based on my student’s chess background, sample games, strengths and weaknesses, as well as style and level of play.


While our students work on their personalized training programs with us, they are entitled and often swarmed with a number of free services and complementary training materials we are always happy to provide for free. When we teach a student that aspires to improve and does so much to achieve their dream of becoming a master, we want to help them get closer to their goal faster.


Becoming a student of Tiger Lilov’s Chess School will bring you:






  • Free Personalized Chess Training Programs for anyone interested in training with us.
  • Free Recent Games Reviews and Analyses via e-mail.
  • Free Complementary Training Materials to each of our regular students depending on their training program needs and objectives.
  • Free 24/7 Online for anyone having questions on their chess training and practice.


Here is only a short list of the most common topics we cover in our lessons:






  • Building (or Improving) a Complete Opening Repertoire for White and Black.
  • Improving Planning and Evaluation Skills for Better Middlegame Play.
  • Understanding Strategy and Developing a Positional "Sense".
  • Improving Tactical Vision and Calculation Ability.
  • Understanding Theoretical and Practical Endgames.

Jun 3, 2013 Chess Broadcast - Tiger plays Blitz

Tiger playerIn today’s blog post, I have taken a little different approach to chess training and preparation and decided to try and record a lecture for you commenting on my online blitz games at the time of playing them. That way, I am showing many of the aspiring chess enthusiasts who are reading my blog at this very moment how they can be more successful over the board when playing fast blitz online. Read more ...

May 9, 2013 Chess Cheating - Episode 4: A New Hope

BallanceIt’s been a rough month for Bulgarian professional players taking part in major chess events held in my home country. The newly-fledged FIDE master Borislav Ivanov has taken on every GM and IM ‘daring’ to enter a chess tournament here in Bulgaria, and in his notorious and pure Houdini 3.0 style of play, he has beaten a number of titled compatriots, as well as visiting professional players representing other countries, that even Bulgaria’s third best player, GM Kiril Georgiev, rated 2657, was literally demolished in a dramatic 10m+5s blitz game several weeks ago! Read more ...

May 7, 2013 How to Defeat an International Master

Cross-Group LessonsIn today's blog post, I am going to present you with one magnificent game played by a student of mine. In this game my student played against an International Master. In fact, these two players have played a match some time ago, but now, my student really managed to outplay his much stronger opponent following a set of easy to follow principles and techniques that can allow lower rated players to stand an equal chance against titled opponents. Read more ...

May 2, 2013 Flank Attacks

Flank AttacksThe flank attack is one of those sneaky ways of surrounding your opponent’s forces and getting to your target fast! So, do we really need to master flank attacks to use them or protect ourselves rom them effectively? The answer is a resounding “Yes!” Read more ...

Apr 22, 2013 My best game ever played

Concentrated On the game (Varna, 2004)My Chess.com Blog abounds with instructive positions and memorable games by the great masters. Still, at times I like to entertain my audiences with real life games of mine, some of which have fascinated not only my opponents but also many of my online students. Today, I am proud to introduce you to my best game ever played in my long competitive chess career as a FIDE master and avid tournament player. Read more ...