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Wish you could stand a chance against a Chess Expert? ... a FIDE Master?  ... an International Master? If so, you've come to the right place! Visit the Chess Training Page to learn more about my famous personalized chess training program that has helped many achieve what they really wanted in chess!"


Check our new flexible method of teaching that allows each of our students to receive the most important skills they need for the moment to excel in tournaments and casual games, while correctly improving their chess. We believe chess is a good way for anyone to strengthen their character, learn how to make important decisions for limited time, or just have a lot of fun. We welcome you to be our student!

free_training We prepare a free personalized chess training program which serves as the main guide for us on how and what to teach this student at any given point, so that s/he improves visibly and steadily over the course of our training. This personalized training program is based on my student’s chess background, sample games, strengths and weaknesses, as well as style and level of play.


While our students work on their personalized training programs with us, they are entitled and often swarmed with a number of free services and complementary training materials we are always happy to provide for free. When we teach a student that aspires to improve and does so much to achieve their dream of becoming a master, we want to help them get closer to their goal faster.


Becoming a student of Tiger Lilov’s Chess School will bring you:






  • Free Personalized Chess Training Programs for anyone interested in training with us.
  • Free Recent Games Reviews and Analyses via e-mail.
  • Free Complementary Training Materials to each of our regular students depending on their training program needs and objectives.
  • Free 24/7 Online for anyone having questions on their chess training and practice.


Here is only a short list of the most common topics we cover in our lessons:






  • Building (or Improving) a Complete Opening Repertoire for White and Black.
  • Improving Planning and Evaluation Skills for Better Middlegame Play.
  • Understanding Strategy and Developing a Positional "Sense".
  • Improving Tactical Vision and Calculation Ability.
  • Understanding Theoretical and Practical Endgames.

Aug 5, 2013 How to Attack on the Right Side

3D boatAfter my latest post on how to play better in the opening, I decided to make yet another training video on choosing the right side of the board to attack on, which is often a decision that is closely related to the opening stage and the main plans and ideas that we need to understand after completing our piece development. Read more ...

Jul 30, 2013 How to Play Openings Better?

Old men playingI have reserved today’s post for a special topic that have been on everyone’s mind whether they are a complete beginner or a master: “How to play openings better?” Read more ...

Jul 26, 2013 How to Avoid Positional Mistakes

Man looking at boardAvoiding positional mistakes has proven to be one of the hardest things to do in modern chess. Even with computer engines on our side, we still have hard time understanding the positional mistakes that we make over and over again in our practical games. Read more ...

Jul 16, 2013 Chess Massacre - Tiger plays Blitz: Part II

MassacreFor today’s blog post, I decided to make a small demonstration for you by trying to play fast blitz on ICC (3 min. + 0 sec.) and make live commentary at the same time, and thus provide you with some insight on how strong chess players make decisions under time pressure, as well as what characteristics of the quickly changing positions they consider the most before they make their next move. Read more ...

Jul 10, 2013 The Four Knights Zugzwang

Four knightsAfter a long month of active play, I successfully completed three international open tournaments which I played one after another near my home town of Varna and eventually covered my third valid IM norm which would likely bring me the title of International Master in the month of October. Read more ...