Ruy Lopez Exchanged as White

Ruy Lopez Exchanged has always been an interesting alternative to the bishop’s retreat to a4 for White. With Bxc6, White damages Black’s pawn structure and either trades pieces to get into a favorable endgame or goes for the many middle game attacking chances, this variation provides us with. Whether you play the Ruy Lopez from the White or Black side, you must be familiar with the Exchange Variation, which is characterized by White’s immediate capture of Black’s c6-Knight.

In the present article, I have prepared an interesting opportunity for White to outplay Black in the Ruy Lopez Exchanged, using a rare constructive plan based on a classical game by the fourth World Chess Champion, Alexander Alekhine. The fact that this scheme of play is not so popular allows White to turn this variation of the Ruy Lopez Exchanged into a very effective surprise that can secure white’s decisive advantage still in the middle game. By choosing this plan, White imposes serious threats to Black still in the early opening and due to its highly stable nature, it usually secures White a solid center control, which, in turn, allows us to execute various attacking procedures without exposing our position to high risks.