Mastering the Bullet Chess

thumb22Today, I want to share with you two exciting videos with bullet games I have played online. The game of Bullet (or Super Blitz as some people call it) is playing at 1 or 2 minutes for the whole game. Naturally, playing at such a short time control is quite challenging and intriguing at the same time.

Most chess players have tried at least a few games on Bullet, though many of these games end up with a blunder or losing on time easily. The question is: Is there a possibility to play Bullet chess quickly, accurately and strong at the same time? The answer is definitely: Yes! They keys to becoming a good player in Bullet are just two: 1) Play more solid and 2) Pose as many problems as you can against your opponent, so he will blunder or lose on time. Here is a video recording of a match I played against a Top Grandmaster on the chess server in 2012. The time control was 1 minute plus 1 second increment for each move. It doesn’t have any commentary, but it’s still fun to watch:

While I have been playing regularly on the different Internet sites (, ICC and ChessPlanet), I haven’t had an opportunity to record some Bullet games with instructive live commentary during the actual game/s… until today! I’ve decided to play some strong opponents on and share my thoughts and emotions while the games were played. The games were played at 1 minute per player with no increment. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I did: