Learn from My Master

thumb22Hi everyone! With my recent birthday on July 9th, I just turned 23 and it made me think how much my father and mentor has helped me to improve in chess. In fact, it was my dad who has trained me to play since I was three years old and taught me everything I know today.

His games have always been an inspiration and a great learning source to witness all things he was teaching me. What’s most incredible is that I can still remember each stage of my improvement (still from the 1500 level I had some years ago) till the moment I became a master thanks to his tuition. I hope you will enjoy my presentation with some excellent games my dad has played during the years and learn from them as much:

There are many more games, each more beautiful and impressive to see and learn from. So, I hope to make another video on his games next month to show you some more incredible examples that show his profound understanding of the game. Some of you will probably have the question: Why is your dad only a master with such a level of skill? Well, I guess one has to make a choice whether to commit his time in playing regular tournaments and get a Grandmaster rating or choose to teach what he knows to other players. In my opinion, choosing the second is admirable and he has been teaching chess for more than 25 years now. Recently, he also started teaching online and you can see more info at http://www.tigerlilov.com/services#trainingwithmentor.