How to Play Openings Better?

Old men playingI have reserved today’s post for a special topic that have been on everyone’s mind whether they are a complete beginner or a master: “How to play openings better?”

In this old unreleased video I recorded on Christmas Day last year, I took a master game by Botvinnik to demonstrate how openings should be played and what we are supposed to look for when playing the first moves in a game of chess.

Many have been wondering how to avoid all of those countless positional mistakes we do in the opening. Questions like how to really choose to attack on the right side or whether we should at all attack or defend out of the opening have been bothering us for way too long despite the solid knowledge and experience we’ve built in various opening systems. So how do we really excel in the opening stage and find the right answers to all of these questions from above?

When I was younger, I had been struggling with that, similar to any other aspiring chess player who strives to improve further and demonstrate his superior knowledge and skills before their opponents. In this video, I will try my best to help you find the answers sooner than later and enjoy smooth transitions into the middlegame in every game you play in the future. I hope you enjoy this video and I am looking forward to reading your comments and feedback, as well as answer your questions and provide you with additional insight on the opening stage.