Chess Prophylaxis

thumb22They say that a bad plan is better than no plan at all. But, what really counts is being able to fight the opponents from carrying out their plans on the board! It’s rather satisfying watching him squirm on the other side of the board when their every planned idea is thwarted before they can even play it.

Not only can this frustrate your opponent, but it can lead to them making desperate moves that only weaken their position.

Chess prophylaxis is a crucial strategy in chess, yet so many club level players don’t even take the time to consider it in their games. They are so focused on their own plans and ideas that they don’t take the time to prevent them, underestimating their impact until it is too late and the game is lost.

Chess takes patience. There is no need to rush an attack. Bring all your pieces out with development, get the king safe, improve the position of all your pieces, and make sure you’ve stopped any counterplay from your opponent – then launch the attack, when the opponent will struggle to cope with it.

It is a fundamental skill that is equally important regardless of the level you’re at. Prophylaxis is like dribbling in basketball. If you play the game, it is essential that you know how to dribble! From stopping your opponent’s tactical ideas to cutting off his positional play, chess prophylaxis plays a HUGE role in every single move!

In this live stream, International Master Valeri Lilov will teach you:

> how to think prophylactically
> how to discover the right moves that restrain your opponent’s plans
> how to play prophylactically while still making progress with your own plans