Chess Massacre - Tiger plays Blitz: Part II

MassacreFor today’s blog post, I decided to make a small demonstration for you by trying to play fast blitz on ICC (3 min. + 0 sec.) and make live commentary at the same time, and thus provide you with some insight on how strong chess players make decisions under time pressure, as well as what characteristics of the quickly changing positions they consider the most before they make their next move.

In these three impromptu blitz games I played yesterday, I was paired with two IMs and one GM who happened to be GM Eric Lobron. ICC is home to some of the most famous grand masters who regularly frequent the online server for a couple of casual games. Players like GMs Nakamura and Caruana, often play here, as well and I have played a few games with both of them just a couple of days ago. For today’s demonstration, I was equipped with my high quality screen capturing software and recorded my games live on ICC while analyzing what I was thinking and how I was choosing my moves to eventually lead me to success. In the last game, I had the chance to demonstrate what we should do in a losing position, after I missed a fork in the opening. The games were tough and my opponents obviously played with class, but my strategies seemed to work quite a lot yesterday. I hope you enjoy this live training-analysis and share your opinions and possibly better variations that I may have missed in any of these games I played.