Chess Broadcast - Tiger plays Blitz

In today’s blog post, I have taken a little different approach to chess training and preparation and decided to try and record a lecture for you commenting on my online blitz games at the time of playing them. That way, I am showing many of the aspiring chess enthusiasts who are reading my blog at this very moment how they can be more successful over the board when playing fast blitz online. In addition to commenting my 3 minutes + 0 second games on, in the following YouTube video I recorded thanks to my high quality screen capturing recording software I am also providing you with some hints on what you should be doing and how you should be playing fast blitz online, so you avoid blunders, keep the time pressure on your opponents, and stay out of trouble while attacking and defending actively at all times. Furthermore, I am focusing on the various online chess features like the premove option and their correct application in fast blitz games for best results. Are you really sure where you should and where you’d better abstain from using the premove during your games? I hope this video will help you find out how strong players on Playchess actually manage to maintain their high rankings with simple online chess techniques and of course, their superior chess intuition and combinational vision which every one of us strives to achieve at some point in their chess career! I hope you enjoy it once again: