Attacking the King

thumb22Whether you're a slow positional player, or someone who likes plenty of sharp tactics on the board, the ability to successfully attack your opponent’s king is an essential skill for any ambitious chess player. After all, no matter what style you play, you'll have to checkmate the king - and ultimately win the game.

In this live stream, IM Valeri Lilov will teach you some key attacking concepts, and show you some of the most crushing attacks from the world's top players. By exploring the attacks and tactics, you'll be able to better recognize them in your own games. Pattern recognition is everything in chess.

Of course, tactics don't appear out of thin air! IM Lilov will show you that It’s essential to remember that tactics occur when pieces are in the right places, on active squares. When you have the right structure, with pieces working well together, you will find the tactical shots that decide games.

You will learn:
• When to launch an attack, and when it's premature
• How the best players in the world go about breaking through the opponent's defense
• When to sac a piece in the attack